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Small appliance testing – No shocks for your guests!

Appliances with electrical faults are often difficult to recognise visually, and even small defects can have a devastating effect should an incident occur. In order to ensure effective prevention of damage and accidents, companies in Switzerland are required by law to test their electrical equipment on a regular basis, and to document this process. We will be happy to do this for you!

How you benefit:

  • Testing of portable electrical appliances (hair dryers, kettles, fridges, etc.)
  • Appliance testing in accordance with the legal standard DIN VDE_0701-0702
  • Prevention of damage and accidents


Use the following e-mail address to contact us about «Small appliance testing»:

E-mobility – Charging station testing and consultation

Charging stations for electric cars are also increasingly in demand in hotel car parks, which is why they are now included in the criteria for Swiss hotel classification. We will be happy to support you from A to Z in your e-mobility concept – we will inspect your existing electrical installations with a view to retro­fitting one or more charging stations, and provide you with advice on defining and choosing a location for the charging devices.

How you benefit:

  • Comprehensive consultation on the retrofitting of existing charging stations
  • Verification of whether additional fuses or power cables are needed
  • Evaluation of various options


Use the following e-mail address to contact us about «E-mobility»:

Ventilation system cleaning – Free inspection

Professional ventilation system cleaning means more than just a regular filter change. A hygienic, clean ventilation system produces clean, dust-free air. The ventilation system has to be cleaned at regular intervals to maintain this level of air quality in the long term.

How you benefit:

  • Free on-site inspection
  • Determination of degree of ­contamination
  • Recommendation for action and determination of ventilation level


Use the following e-mail address to contact us about «Ventilation system cleaning»:

Wind-Free – Wind-free air-conditioning

Cosily warm or pleasantly cool – this air-conditioning system ensures complete comfort for each and every one of your guests. Over 21,000 micro air holes on the front of the appliance silently make sure that no draughts or cold air flow are created. The Good Sleep mode also ensures the correct temperature at night, leaving your guests to enjoy their dreams undisturbed. The integrated Virus Doctor technology and the anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic coating on the heat exchanger all help to ensure completely clean air.

State-of-the-art air-conditioning:

  • Wind-FreeTM cooling, heating, dehumidifying, ventilating
  • Three ventilator levels
  • Virus Doctor for virus- and ­bacteria-free air
  • Infrared remote control
  • SmartThings Wi-Fi interface


Use the following e-mail address to contact us about «Wind-Free»:

Porkka-Migel KL32 F ice machine – It doesn’t get any cooler than this

An iced long drink or a chilled Champagne – the Porkka-Migel ice machine will assist you in providing refreshment for all your guests. Ideal for bar and counter areas. Take advantage of our unique offer!

External dimensions:
417 × 531 × 654 (+25 mm)
Tank capacity:
11 kg
Daily output:
30 kg / 24h (1 660 pieces / 24h)
Ice shape:
Full cube
Appliance is air-cooled

How you benefit:

  • Hygienic ice-cube production
  • Ideal for bars and counters


Use the following e-mail address to contact us about «Porkka-Migel KL32 F ice machine »:

Video analysis – A security and marketing system in one

Video analysis is an intelligent video system technology with a wide range of applications in a hotel environment – it can be used as an access system with a large number of functions, to help you enhance your customer service through real-time face recognition and to support you in the market research process.

How you benefit:

  • Reliable security system with a wide range of applications
  • Analysis of various aspects including customer behaviour, frequency measurement, facial ­recognition, real-time feedback, etc.
  • Data and images are not stored


Use the following e-mail address to contact us about «Video analysis»:

Smart meeting room – No time lost on technical issues

The smart meeting room is a harmonious, comprehensive solution for an intelligent meeting room that combines building technology, audiovisual systems and networks. The overall functionality of the meeting room is made smarter and more efficient through integrated planning of all disciplines, enabling the desired functionality to be achieved through a suitable set of matched components.

How you benefit:

  • Easy to use with guests’ own devices
  • Smart meeting room control via a single tablet
  • Flexible expansion and automation of functionalities for the meeting room


Use the following e-mail address to contact us about «Smart meeting room»:

Digital concierge – The smart approach to information and communication

You can use a digital concierge to make all information about your hotel, details of your events and other relevant information available to all of your hotel guests on a central digital platform. This can then be presented on various devices in a straightforward, time-controlled manner and in your own personal design. The tool also en­ables your guests to communicate with you or carry out bookings and orders.

How you benefit:

  • Elimination of paper ­documentation in hotel rooms
  • Convenient and straightforward information for your guests at all times
  • Support in sales promotion and customer feedback collection


Use the following e-mail address to contact us about «Digital concierge»:


Wi-Fi analysis – Professional consultation, free of charge

Changing expectations of guests, insufficient bandwidth, incomplete Wi-Fi coverage or outdated infra­structure are just a few of the things that have a big impact on the functionality of a guest Wi-Fi. Avoid complaints about guest Wi-Fi and offer your guests an even smarter connection. We offer a situational analysis free of charge and point out possible best-practice solutions.

How you benefit:

  • Free on-site evaluation
  • Analysis of current situation, including report
  • Best-practice solutions


Use the following e-mail address to contact us about «Wi-Fi analysis»:



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