Trends for hotels

Innovations for the hotel industry

When it comes to implementing state-of-the-art technology, Bouygues Energies & Services InTec is right up there with the leading names in the industry. Together with specialists from the various trades, we systematically integrate new, forward-looking developments into our building solutions, and we constantly improve and simplify processes within buildings. Discover our latest trends for your hotel business.


Paperless meetings redefined. With an interactive flip chart, you can increase productivity when employees are working together, which will create more opportunities for them to develop ideas together. Now meetings can be held anywhere and at any time.


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Digital Building

Efficient, smart and secure building networks. An Internet of Things (IoT) platform that integrates building technology into the IP network. Together with Cisco, Bouygues Energies & Services InTec is the European market leader when it comes to Digital Building.
The Digital Building represents cutting-edge IP connectivity in buildings, providing efficient, smart and secure building networks. It is an IoT platform, constructed using the new Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Series Switches, which were developed specifically for digitalised buildings. The platform combines all networks and applications in the area of modern building technology in a single IP network. This will enable the standardised and secure management and control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, audio-visual systems, lighting and other building technology systems.

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The Interface of Things, the all-encompassing information system. This system provides an overview of all areas of your hotel, and your guests will find it very easy to use.
The system offers everything you need to know as a hotelier: the functionality of your solar power system, thermostat and heat pump and the security status of your hotel. Your guest can check the charging status of their electric vehicle and control everything electrical in the room – from the coffee machine to the windows and curtains, right down to the lighting and the temperature. They can set the alarm clock, check the traffic and the weather or consult their calendar.

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E-Mobility infrastructure

The Grand Tour of Switzerland Association has awarded Alpiq E-Mobility the contract to install the charging infrastructure along the Grand Tour route. We also have the perfect charging station for your hotel.
As the Swiss market leader, we offer comprehensive infrastructure solutions that include the planning, installation and maintenance of charging stations. Our product range covers every category, from home charging stations for small and medium-sized hotels to fast-charging stations for larger businesses with higher numbers of guests. In order to ensure fast and safe charging, we use mode 3 charging cables in our range. These are the most commonly used cables and they can be used to charge all new-generation electric vehicles.

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Cool Recording

Sensor-supported cold chain monitoring in gastronomy.
Our refrigeration technology services cover the areas of gastronomy, supermarkets, convenience stores, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) technology, heat pumps and industrial refrigeration. We support our customers with a 24/7 call-out service that operates 365 days a year, a professional customer service department and comprehensive maintenance services.
In terms of technology, we use LoRa sensors, a state-of-the-art sensor and communication technology. It continuously measures the temperature of a refrigerated display cabinet, a freezer or a cold room and continuously transfers the data via the mobile network to the network server for temperature monitoring. Detailed device reports are generated at defined intervals around the clock, and/or an alarm is sent to your TFM or our call-out service.


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Smixin, the new all-in-one hand-washing station, saves up to 90% water and 60% soap. Impeccable hygiene thanks to a no-touch hand-washing process.
The cornerstone of the system is the Smart Mixing Unit – a unique, patented technology. Even the lathering is done by the system – it detects the hands and then dispenses a perfect air, soap and water mixture, and the subsequent rinsing is done with an equally optimised air and water mixture. With a conventional system, the hand-washing process requires an average of 1.2 litres, the amount with Smixin is about 0.1 litres. This means that the Smixin system pays for itself in less than two years!
Smixin is easy to install and clean. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, you always have an overview of your system, and the Facility Management team can perform maintenance remotely.


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Multifunctional fire detector (IQ8Quad)

The IQ8Quad fire detector is not a normal fire detector for smoke and heat detection, but rather a multifunctional fire detector with additional integrated alarm functions.

• The siren used for the acoustic alarm comes with 25 selectable alarm tones. The vocal alarm transmitter for clear spoken alarms can be programmed with five announcements in five languages.
• An integrated flashing light provides visual alarms for noisy environments (industry) or for homes for elderly or deaf people.

All of these functions are seamlessly integrated into a single unit. The cabling is similar to conventional detectors and can be deployed without additional installation costs. The detectors can be alternated – each of them can be used as and when required – and they all fit into the same detector base. Retrofitting can be done without any problems.


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